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The Symposium Society,

Hindu College


We are starting our Alumni Network

The Symposium Society takes immense pride in its notable alumni who truly embody the essence of excellence and accomplishment. The esteemed legacy of our society finds its zenith in the remarkable journeys of our proficient graduates,who genuinely are a testament to the society's impact on personal and professional growth. The society undertakes a myriad of activities to develop critical thinking,effective communication,writing,editing,designing skills and leadership skills.By holding strong onto its ideals of research, ideate and deliberate the society has greatly helped its graduates to excel in their respective endeavors. Distinguished in various fields, our alumni are a source of inspiration, showcasing resilience, innovation, and leadership.With a wish to keep connected with our graduates and to foster lifelong relationships, the society takes immense pleasure to announce the  launch of its alumni network. This network will prove beneficial in facilitating mentorship, knowledge exchange and career networking .Their collective milestones paint a vivid picture of the society’s  everlasting impact and their feats inspire current members, fostering a tradition of brilliance here at Symposium.

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M6M6+PCJ, Sudhir Bose Marg, Hindu College, University Enclave, Delhi, 110007

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The Symposium Society
Policy & Deliberation Forum of Hindu College
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